Announcing Necrotic - A mobile ARPG - Development overview

We at Rebel Camp Games are proud to announce that we are working on a new mobile ARPG game project called Necrotic!

We are a team of 3 people. A programmer, an Artist and a Music Composer. We have taken the time to design the game for over 2 months. 2 weeks ago we started working on the actual implementation and art for the game.
The game takes place in the world of Skyward which consists of floating islands. Humanity has found a way to become immortal, and thus the population has grown to big and the floating islands flooded with buildings. Because of the natural desire of humans to multiply themselves and to build houses and structures, you as the player have been tasked to lower the population and destroy some villages so there will be room again to multiply and to build new villages. The player takes on the character of a Necromancer and has a faithfull companion, the Soul Golem. After having worked as the anti-hero for a while. The Necromancer quickly becomes known as the Grim Reaper.


With the basic story line out of the way, first of all, we like to show you the Art for the first 3 enemies/civillians that are implemented in the game. There's the Ploughman, the Steward and the Artful. As you can see in the screenshots below, the art style for our game is very stylized.

We also already made a UI and HUD for the game, which is implemented in game already!


All Art has been made on 2 weeks time!


From the programming side of things, we have a good prototype of a large portion of game features ready already. At the speed we are programming currently, the prototype of all game features we have planned might be ready in just a month time. Maybe a bit more or a bit less time is needed. We rebooted the programming of the project just 6 days ago. So all the programming progress is made on 1 week time!


First of all, we have the basic combat build down. Meaning the player, the enemies and the golem have basic AI, health and damage and can attack. We also already have some details done for the basic combat build, like health plates, floating damage numbers and health globe drops


The next thing we have done is an attribute and stats system. You can level up by spending glory points you earn from defeating enemies. When you level up, you get 5 attribute points which you can freely spend on 4 attributes: Health, Physical Resistance, Magical Resistance or Physical Damage. The attribute points give you certain statistics. You can also freely reset your attribute points and get refunded all the points you have spent.


Furthermore, we have designed a cards system instead of a typical armor lootsystem. What we implemented of the cards system so far is the ability to buy card upgrade points with glory, and being able to upgrade your 10 card slots to a new tier. Also, the cards already drop from enemies and can be picked up by running over them. Tier 1 cards will drop from regular enemies, Tier 2 cards from Elite enemies and Tier 3 cards from bosses.


We programmed the cards interface. Cards are items you can equip to give you certain stats. There are 3 tiers of cards, tier 1 have a small stat bonus and some stat penalties. Tier 2 cards have medium stat bonus and no penalties. Tier 3 cards have high stat bonusses. We programmed the upgrading of card slots, and the list of cards which you can already equip. What still has to be programmed is that equipping cards gives you the appropriate stats.


There are buildings on each island. Buildings of a certain type spawn certain types of enemies. I.e the Farm will spawn Ploughmen, the Barracks will spawn Stewards and the Academy will spawn Artfuls. This behaviour has been implemented already, but the buildings are just cubes and don't have 3D art available yet.


When you are fighting on an island, there is an Awareness level, which implies that the civillians are aware that the necro is present on the island. The awareness level get's increased by 1 percentage for every civillian you reap upto an awareness level of 100%. Each percent of Awareness increases the enemies health and damage by 1%, so at full awareness the enemies will have double health and damage. What hasn't been implemented yet is that you can consume your golem which will transfer you to the next island, and when you do so a portion of your awareness level get transferred to the new island you start at. This is to have to make a decision wether or not you can make it till you destroyed the entire island or not. Because dying makes you lose all your glory points, the better choice might be to go to the next island at the cost that it starts off a little more difficult.


That's it for our introductory development article! If you like our game project or following our development process, feel free to follow us, subscribe on youtube etc... We will try to post a development update video and article every saturday! So stay sharp for that! We hope you are as excited about this project as we are!


Kind regards,

Rebel Camp Games Team