Necrotic - Development Update #2

In this article we will give you an overview of the progress we made in the last week. It's exciting for us to share our progress with the community and even more exciting to see our little game come to life with new features every day.

On the Art side of things, our Artist has been very busy coming up with randomly generated floating islands for the world of Skyward. So there hasn't been very much progress on the visual side of things, although we can show you some of the tiles and ground textures our Artist has made. He has also been working on a new enemy civillian, the Archer. In short, lots of progress, but sadly not much that we can show you visually. Here's a multiple tile image of the ground textures:

On the programming side, we also made a lot of progress. We updated the AI so enemies either flee or enrage when below 25% health. We made weapon elements so you can toggle between Fire, Lightning, Poison and Frost which all have their own effects. Fire element deals high direct damage and a small damage over time burning effect. Lightning deals high direct damage and stuns enemies for a brief period. Poison element applies a high damage over time effect but doesn't deal any direct damage. And last but not least, Frost element deals no direct damage but slows enemies' movement and attack speed.

Enemies' health and damage now scales with island floor (level), Player health and damage now updates with attributes and stats you get from equipping cards. The cards system has been finalized, we added scaling of cards, so blueprints drop from destroyed buildings and those blueprints increase the level of the cards. When cards level up, their stats also scale up.

We thought really hard about scaling everything up so your character can continue to raise in power as you progress through the island floors. We suddenly realized we wanted endless island floors, but there were caps in the cards system, skill system and attributes system. So we revisited everything and designed and implemented it so that everything continues to scale up.

We also implemented the skills system UI so you can equip skills in the correct slots. We added a melee stance and ranged stance so you can switch between two skill setups. What we still have to implement is upgrading of skills. We originally did not intend to be able to level up your skills, but with the new scaling design we needed to revisit the skill system.

The first 2 player skills have been implemented. The Blood Nova and the Wrenching Stomp skills. Blood Nova is a primary damage skill that damages all enemies in a 350 units radius around the Necromancer. Wrenching Stomp is a skill that damages enemies and pulls them towards the Necromancer so he can finish them off with melee AOE attacks (or Blood Nova, for now).

We also implemented that a boss spawns when all enemy buildings on the island have been destroyed. The boss drops a loot bag which contains 2 randomly generated weapons. You are able to choose to continue with your current equipped weapon or equip one of the 2 new random weapons. Weapon damage has been added to the player's damage output.

And that's it for this week's development update. We hope you are as excited about the progress as we are, and see you next week for another update!

Kind regards,

Rebel Camp Games Team